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How Do You Know What Gutter Color Is the Right Choice for Your Home?
September 30th, 2018 5:35 pm     A+ | a-

These Questions Will Help You Decide!

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Can Your Gutters Be Seen from the Curb?

Stand at the curb and check to see if your gutter system is visible. If not, you might not feel as though the color of your new gutters matters quite as much. Keep in mind, though, that a bold or contrasting shade could shine a spotlight on the gutters - which in return could affect the curb appeal of your home.

Do You Belong to a Homeowners Association?

The color of your gutters may not be entirely up to you. If you belong to a homeowners association, you might have to follow specific guidelines regarding the exterior colors of your home. It's important to find out about any restrictions before installing new gutters, or you could find yourself in trouble with your HOA.

What Color Is Your Roof?

Many homeowners make the decision to match their gutters to their roofs. Going with the same color as your roof can be a smart strategy, as it allows the rain gutter system to appear as an extension of the roof line in which in return means that the gutters really won’t be noticeable at all.

What Color Is Your Home's Exterior?

Similarly, choosing a color that echoes the shade of your exterior paint or siding will also allow your gutters to blend right in. Your rain gutter system won’t call attention to itself, and it will be less of a visual feature. For many homes, matching the gutters to the exterior color is the best approach.

What Color Is Your Exterior Trim?

Many homeowners match their rain gutter systems to either their rooftops or their exterior walls. But depending upon your home’s style, it could make sense to choose a color that coordinates with the exterior trim. The visual harmony of your home could be improved if your gutters are the same color as the trim around your doors and windows.

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